The updated agenda for the next Prewin meeting in Bilbao on July 4-5 is available here.

In 2016 Prewin organised a first benchmark study on availability of Waste to Energy plants. The results were presented at the meeting in Prague, June 2016.  Data from 208 lines processing 2750 tonnes of waste per hour has been gathered. Results from availability, unplanned outage and overall equipment effectiveness were available. Further it shows clearly different maintenance strategies (time between planned stops and length of planned stops).

Now an update of this benchmark study is under progress.  Updated results will be presented at the upcoming Prewin meeting in Bilbao, July 4-5. 

Also non-Prewin participants are invited to complete the survey, which comprise just 15 simple questions. The data will be treated confidential which means that no individual data will be disclosed. By participating you will receive the general (anonymous) results.

If you are interested to contribute to the survey, please send an email to 

The Prewin website offers the Prewin participants to book advanced courses on different topics in the field of Waste to Energy 

The following 5 one day courses can be booked via the private part of the website. In parentheses the different companies who will organise the training:

  • Waste to Energy General Introduction (DEG Consult)
  • WTE from a Chemical Engineer’s perspective (DEG Consult, CHEMIN)
  • Corrosion detection and protection in waste to energy plants (HERZOG INSPEKTION,CHEMIN)
  • WtE in the Circular Economy, towards Waste-to-Energy-and-Materials (KU Leuven)
  • Process Water Chemistry (BlueXPRT, ENGIE Laborelec)