A survey on unplanned shutdown has been conducted.  11 categories have been defined as potentail cause for the unplanned shutdown.  Results, whch are presented anonymous, give a good indication about the probelsm plants are suffering.  It will still be possible to particpate in the survey. At a regular basis updates will be send to the particpants. The survey is as well open for non-Prewijn particpants. After submission your data you will receive the results of the survey.

R&D Workshop at VTT premises Espoo

On March 22 and 23 Prewin organised a R&D Workshop at the VTT premises in Espoo. 22 participants from the network where present to join the interactive workshop. The goal was to get an overview what kind of R&D is performed amongst the Prewin participants and to investigate possibilities to co-operate in the future.

Prewin particpants can find the presentations after login under past events. 

As Prewin network we issued a questionnaire to waste to energy plant operators on availability. Data from 208 lines processing 2750 tonnes of waste per hour has been gathered. Results from availability, unplanned outage and overall equipment effectiveness are available. Further it shows clearly different maintenance strategies (time between planned stops and length of planned stops). A powerpoint presentation with results is available for participants in the private part of the website. More data from plants is always welcome.

Please contact Robert van Kessel on operating.agent@prewin.eu for more information.