Following the succcesful surveys on availability in 2016 and 2019 and the survey on maintenance costs in 2017, it has been decided to update the suvrey on maintenance costs. Besides questions about costs the survey from 2017 contained as well questions about the number of techncial staff in a plant.  Based on input from an operator in the network the questions on staffing have been refined. We defined 4 staff categories (maintenance, production, engineering and other) while we also ask where their focus lies:  daily support or projects.  Together with information about costs and availability we hope to come with general key numbers for technical staff working in a waste to energy plant.

The results will be anonymous shared among the particpant of the survey. For those who have no problem to discuss the name of the plant a separate presentation will be made in order to be able to better discuss the difference, if wished.

A general anonymous presentation has been presented at the general Prewin web meeting at November 25 and is available for members of the network.