Across all regions of the Prewin Network the Coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating effect on populations and is also having a significant impact on business life. Therefore it has decided to postpone the scheduled Prewin meeting for June 25-26 in Bologna until June 2021.

The location for the event is in Northern Italy, which is one of the most seriously affected regions and our hosts have understandably requested a postponement due to the uncertainty of the duration of the outbreak, to which we agreed without question. We considered the option of arranging an alternative venue for June 2020, but even in the increasingly unlikely event that global travel restrictions will have been relaxed by then, we were of the opinion that our network colleagues will be prioritising getting their business activities back to normal and that many would be reluctant to travel at that.

The next scheduled general Prewin meeting will now be in Porto, November 26-27, 2020. However, other network activities such as the maintenance benchmark studies, a maintenance working group meeting in autumn, access to other network participants, and of course access to the website database will still be available for our participants. 

Stay safe and we hope that this crisis will subside soon so that we can resume our social and work life.