Performance, Reliability and Emissions Reduction in Waste Incinerators.

The Mission of the PREWIN European Network is to support progress towards improved performance and reliability of European Waste-to-Energy plants (incineration and co-incineration) while maintaining low or reduced emissions to the environment.

Background and Aims

The EU Waste Management Directive requires, in priority order, waste avoidance, followed by recycling, then incineration and finally, as a last resort, land-fill for the disposal of the waste produced within the EU. While substantial effort is focused on waste avoidance and recycling, it is inevitable that many types of waste will need to be disposed of by one of the last two options. The aim of the PREWIN network is to support the industries involved in waste incineration, co-incineration and biomass combustion promoting effective use of heat in a way that affords economic plant operation while ensuring that emissions to the environment are maintained below acceptable limits.

What is being organised?

Twice a year there will be held a meeting at an interesting location in Europe. A plant visit is always part of the meeting, which typically is joined by 80-100 participants. During this one and a half day, members of the network or guest speakers will present their experiences on a specific topic.

The main areas for future meetings are based upon questionnaires which roughly once in three years is distributed under the participants. Some of the topics of the last years were.

  • High-efficiency Waste–to-Energy plants
  • Maintenance
  • Availability
  • Corrosion and Materials
  • Plant condition/emission monitoring methods
  • Better materials and better informed selection of materials for critical applications

Examples of meeting agendas can be found here: